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As an artist, your goal is not just to create music, but to make sure it reaches as many ears as possible. Do you aspire to get more bookings? Spark engagement among more fans? Expand your fan base? Catch the eye of a major or local promoter? All of these become more achievable with Spotify promotion.

While innovative marketing strategies and word-of-mouth both play significant roles, they can only take you so far. Do you know that nearly all artists who make it to radio and Billboard charts leverage some form of paid marketing strategies to boost their outreach and performance?

Explicit Promotions offers you the unique opportunity to utilize truly organic Spotify campaigns - as the world's first and only. Unlike other platforms that may involve bot-generated streams, we guarantee your music will be heard by real fans, thereby helping you expand your reach authentically.

By integrating Spotify playlist promotion with your other strategies, your musical and personal brand can reach unprecedented heights. It's more than just promotion - it's about accelerating your musical journey while maintaining the integrity of your artistry.

In a sea of Spotify promotion services, Explicit Promotions is a beacon of authenticity and integrity because we are the singular global music marketing service that pledges and delivers fully organic audiences that authentically engage with your music.

Our secret sauce lies in our trusted network of the world’s top 1% of curators across all streaming platforms. We’ve grown these relationships and networks using advanced marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies, digital advertising, and cross promotion between major labels and artists, all while ensuring we remain within the ethical boundaries of all streaming platforms.

While the market is crowded with services offering vague metrics like "reach", often inflated by bot-generated streams, we focus ONLY on real, quantifiable results. We don’t just throw out numbers; we promise—and deliver—a minimum guaranteed number of streams through our meticulously planned campaigns. You get exactly what you pay for, and in most cases, more!

We achieve this by strategically placing your track in our most active playlists, monitor its daily activity, and we keep it there or make minor adjustments until your campaign goals are met, and most of the time, exceeded. Unlike services that may entice you with a deceiving ‘reach’ of a million, but deliver only a fraction in streams – we provide you a reliable platform where numbers translate into real people, real fans.

At Explicit Promotions, we don’t just offer a service; we provide an opportunity for artists to accelerate their journey in the music industry authentically and organically.

The concept of ‘guaranteeing‘ streams in music promotion often raises questions about authenticity. We understand the skepticism around the term ‘guarantee‘ in stream counts, as it‘s a common misconception that this implies some form of inauthenticity or trickery.

Our guarantee of streams is not just a claim, but a commitment backed by our robust and strategic approach. We achieve this with:

1. Exclusive Access to Top 1% of Curators: Our network includes the world‘s top 1% of curators. This is like placing your music on the biggest ‘billboards’ on the busiest ‘streets’ of Spotify; ensuring maximum visibility and traffic, all while significantly enhancing the likelihood of achieving the desired stream count.

2. Continuous and Adaptive Efforts: We don’t just set your campaign and forget it. In the event a track isn’t meeting its stream goals within the standard 30-90 day period, we adapt and intensify our efforts. Our team is dedicated to continuously pitching and placing your song in relevant, high-traffic areas until the campaign goal is met within the promised time frame.

In short, our ‘guarantee‘ reflects our confidence in our network‘s size and reach, combined with our unwavering commitment to your campaign‘s success. We promise not just to meet your goals, but often exceed them - organically.

We often receive questions from independent artists who are concerned about the number of playlists their tracks will be placed on. At Explicit Promotions, our approach is centered on quality over quantity. While it might initially seem appealing to have your track on a large number of playlists, this can actually be counterproductive and even harmful to your music and its performance on Spotify.

Remember, Spotify‘s algorithms and many distribution platforms are designed to flag tracks that appear on too many random playlists, as this can be a sign of artificial promotion. Our primary goal is to safeguard your music by offering placements that deliver authentic, human-driven engagement that strictly abides by Spotify’s Terms of Service and the many laws surrounding payola.

Our Playlist Compliance Protocol rigorously ensures that your music finds a home on the most credible, safe, and effective networks, based on four key criteria:

1. Exclusive Curator Criteria Compliance: We meticulously select curators who meet our Exclusive Curator Criteria Compliance, encompassing those within Spotify‘s top 1% of high-performing networks. This aligns your music with the standards of major labels and leading artists, ensuring premier exposure and engagement.

2. Relevance and Demand Verification: Each playlist undergoes a thorough check for relevance and demand. We ensure that these playlists are not just popular, but resonate with the current trends and audience preferences in the music industry.

3. Follower Stability Check: Our vigilance extends to monitoring follower counts for sudden drops or spikes, identifying potential bot activity and corrective actions made by Spotify.

4. Visibility Assurance with SEO: Placement priority is given to networks that demonstrate strong visibility in both Spotify and Google’s search results, affirming their discoverability and organic popularity.

This criteria disqualifies many playlists, but guarantees the ones we use are highly effective, safe, and organic. It’s far more beneficial to have your song on a few high-quality playlists that genuinely engage listeners than on multiple low-impact ones.

In conclusion, while the number of playlists may seem limited, their impact is substantial. Many online promotion services have established a risky standard by placing artists‘ tracks on an excessive number of playlists. Unfortunately, these same companies often avoid accountability when artists face the negative repercussions of such actions. We stand by our quality over quantity approach, focusing on delivering the most effective placements that promote your music and enhance your career​​ both safely & organically.

Organic streams are more than just numbers; they're pivotal data points that contribute to an extremely critical and important cycle of growth on streaming platforms. Each organic (and only organic) stream sends data about the listener, and other listeners alike, to Spotify and other platforms, showing that real, engaged listeners are enjoying your music.

Streaming platforms employ sophisticated algorithms that use these data points to understand listeners' preferences and recommend your music to other listeners the streaming platform deems as relevant. In essence, each organic stream you earn boosts your music's visibility in these algorithmic recommendations, essentially providing free promotion to a wider audience.

Moreover, these organic interactions serve as crucial indicators to Spotify's in-house curators. The more organic streams and engagement your tracks gather, the more likely they are to capture the attention of these in-house curators, potentially leading to placement in editorial playlists.

Finally, organic streams matter financially as well. With each organic stream, artists recoup royalties, making every genuine listen an investment back into your music career.

In the grand scheme, organic streams act as a catalyst to fostering natural growth, enhancing visibility, and directly contributing to your financial success. They're not just desirable; they're essential in today's online-driven music industry.

At Explicit Promotions, each campaign we offer is handled with equal dedication and professional expertise. The key difference lies in the number of streams you aim to secure for your track, and how you wish to amplify its reach.

For instance, well-established artists may find the best value in our package offering 50,000 guaranteed streams, or even 100,000+, depending on the size of the label or artist.

Conversely, emerging artists or those unsure of their career trajectory might find the 10,000-20,000 guaranteed streams package more fitting.

Remember, there's no one-size-fits-all in music promotion. We're committed to helping you find the best campaign that aligns with your unique goals.

Our team is available around the clock to answer your questions and guide you to the most suitable campaign for your track.

A "bot" is an automated software that produces artificial numbers and streams, substituting real, human audience engagement. Bots fail to deliver the genuine fan activity that both you, as an artist, and platforms like Spotify, desire.

Utilizing bots can carry significant risks. Streaming platforms such as Spotify have robust measures to detect and penalize bot usage, potentially leading to permanent bans.

In contrast, Explicit Promotions prioritizes authentic engagement. We ensure your streams stem from real fans, contributing to authentic growth and safeguarding your reputation on streaming platforms. Over the years, we've assisted hundreds of artists, and we take pride in the fact that not a single campaign we've managed has been banned or removed from any streaming platform.

While the standard turnaround for placements is within 10-15 business days, our efficient pitching process often delivers results even faster.

Please note that these timeframes can vary based on the volume and complexity of campaigns.

At Explicit Promotions, we uphold transparency and authenticity as the cornerstones of our services. We thoroughly vet and continuously reevaluate our expansive network, ensuring all of our campaigns are 100% real and organic, or your money back.

Our commitment to quality is reflected in our performance metrics; you'll find our network consistently ranking in the top 1% of all networks and curators on both Spotify and Chartmetric. This position testifies to our credibility, authenticity, and the effectiveness of our campaigns.

Key indicators of our genuine streams include regular listening patterns and global streams, tracked meticulously to ensure we connect your music with the most engaged audience.

Moreover, we champion transparency. Any streams earned from the playlists we secure for your track are clearly reflected in the "Spotify for Artists" backend, empowering you to monitor your music's performance and reach.

Recognizing the difference between real streams and bots is crucial, and your Spotify Artist / Chartmetric account provides valuable insights to do just that.

Authentic streams, like the ones Explicit Promotions guarantees, primarily populate on "Desktop" and "Mobile" under the "Devices" section. On the other hand, streams generated by bots typically appear under the "Other" category in this section. Platforms like Spotify closely scrutinize the "Other" category due to its frequent association with artificial activity.

There are many ways to spot if your account has been flooded with bot activity, including locations, Devices Used, and playlist growth patterns. We have a team of trained specialists and data analysts that track every metric to ensure anything coming in and going out is 100% authentic.

By tracking your Spotify Artist account, you can ensure the validity of your streams and the authenticity of your audience, or you can always reach out to a team member and we can assist you in an analysis of any analytics you would like reviewed.

Absolutely. At Explicit Promotions, we prioritize adherence to Spotify's Terms of Service and music marketing as a whole. We firmly avoid the use of bots, click farms, or any artificial streams. Additionally, we strictly abide by Spotify's rules against 'payola', or “pay-for-play”.

Our primary objective is to connect your music with the world’s top 1% of curators, and with authentic fans, followers, and listeners through our custom pitching process and networks.

Rest assured, with Explicit Promotions, you are choosing a safe, compliant, and trustworthy promotion service.

Explicit Promotions embraces the full spectrum of music genres! We pride ourselves on our ability to cater to a diverse range of styles. If your genre is unique or niche, our team will endeavor to align it with similar music to optimize your campaign's impact. For instance, a ‘Goth Rock’ track might best resonate on a soundtrack-themed playlist for a movie or video game sharing a similar style.

However, please note that while we aim to provide the best placements possible, the dynamic and ever-changing nature of human interests, trends, and seasonal patterns can present some sporadic limitations. Thus, while a 'Goth Rock'-specific playlist placement might not be guaranteed, we assure you that our campaigns are always structured for optimal success in the current music landscape.

Explicit Promotions is here to support artists at all stages of their careers, whether you're a newcomer or a well-established act. Choosing a smaller campaign at the onset of your musical journey can offer you the vital initial boost you need. This approach can effectively pave the way to your long-term ambitions, providing a solid foundation for your future in music.

Absolutely! In fact, planning your promotion ahead of time can be a great way to hit the ground running. When submitting your campaign, just note down the scheduled release date of your song in the provided description section. Our team will then hold off until your song is released. Once it's live, we'll reach out to you via email to let you know we have started the pitching process!

Yes, at Explicit Promotions, we celebrate the diversity of global music, welcoming tracks in all languages. Should potential compatibility issues arise, we'll be proactive in discussing these with you, ensuring the best music promotion experience.

You choose your campaign type, paste your song link, submit it, and our team goes to work. Leveraging our SEO-optimized strategies, we pinpoint the best Spotify placements in our network for your song's success. Our network spans across various categories, including genre-focused playlists, film and TV soundtracks, Tik Tok or Viral compilations, music festivals, workout tracks, and more.

Placements for your campaign take place within 10-15 business days. Kindly note, weekends and holidays might slightly extend this timeframe. Once placed, most campaigns start yielding results within the first five business days, with an overall campaign duration ranging from 30 to 90 days, subject to the size of the campaign.

Our team provides regular updates via email from the moment your campaign goes live and every time we add new placements. Additionally, you can check your personalized dashboard for comprehensive campaign insights. Monitoring your campaign progress in real-time is also possible through Spotify for Artists. For any further queries, our support team is always available.

We guarantee a minimum number of streams corresponding to your chosen campaign package. Thanks to our SEO-optimized strategies, our campaigns often generate momentum that exceeds the minimum streaming goal, extending benefits beyond the active campaign duration.

We welcome music enthusiasts who wish to join our curator network or explore white label / affiliate partnerships. If you are interested, please contact us at We look forward to hearing from you.

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